Dedicated to old - school violin pedagogy

We redefine the violin in Galamian violin studio and share with you the forgotten secrets of the art of violin playing. Join us to re-learn the violin and overcome your technical challenges by adapting to the natural ergonomics of violin. Problems in advanced levels are rooted to the issues in basic levels always.


Why Galamian Violin Studio?

The short answer is hidden in the question, Galamian! Ivan Galamian (1903 Iran – 1981 US) or Gholamian (غلامیان) as in Persian, is recognized as the father of the modern violin pedagogy. His students include the most renonwed violinist the world has ever seen such as Ithzak Perlman, Pinchas Zukerman , Dorothy Delay and others. Galamian was actually a bridge between old and modern era of the violin and the world without him was less beautiful for sure. Galamian heritage is not only his students but his unique school of violin which unfortunately is being ignored among players.
We named our school after Ivan Galamian and our goal is to have an exclusive place dedicated to violin and other bowed string instruments (viola, cello and double bass) learning. We follow old-school approach in violin pedagogy and offer a different experience to the violin lovers.
Ivan Galamian (1903-1981)

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