To enroll in Galamian Violin Studio, we need to make sure that you are going to be successful in violin. As you may know, despite some popular instruments such as guitar or piano, which one may play them either as a professional or an amateur, the violin is not for amateurs. In view of the challenges and demanding time to learn it, it is only an instrument for professionals, not amateurs. 

No one will invest hours and hours of dedicated daily practice on an instrument just to be an amateur. Hence we must make sure you are not going to waste your time and money on the violin. To accept a student in the Galamian Violin Studio, there are many factors that we would consider, such as your age, anatomy, music background etc. we interview and audition students before accepting them in the school.

Please fill up the below application form to start. We may contact to invite you for an interview to confirm the enrollment.

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