Galamian Violin Studio Terms & conditions (20 Aug 2022)

Thanks for choosing Galamian Violin Studio.


In this agreement, “Galamian Violin Studio” ,”Studio”,  “School” ,  “We” or “Us” and “Our Company” refer to the Business incorporated in Australia under ABN: 27827961475 or its subsidiaries, affiliates, suppliers, partners or agents world widely.

In this agreement “ student”, “ client “ , “pupil” , “ You” , “Your” or “yourself”  refer to an adult  person who has applied to study and learn musical instruments with teachers or music instructors in Galamian Violin Studio or a parent or guardian who has applied to have a child or children  learn the violin in Galamian Violin Studio , whether privately or in a group.

In this agreement “ lesson “ refers to music instructions on performance or music theory conducted by a teacher either in one-to-one class or a group class, either online or off-line.


The studio  reserves the right to interview and  choose students, refuse enrollment, suspend or terminate enrollment without prior notice.

We may request the student to redo a lessons as many time as required to meet our standards.

We may request the student to upgrade instrument , strings, rosins, etc.

Galamian Violin Studio  follows French music system in music  theory  and Russian violin school in performance. Students must accept the change should they have already learnt any other systems and schools of playing.

We may terminate enrollment should the student fail to practice.

Student is required to attend classes in time. There will  be no make-up lesson to compensate for delays.

The Student may cancel a lesson giving at least 48 hours notice.

Any cancellation within 48 hours notice will be considered no-show and the student will be regarded as absent.

There will be no refund or make-up lesson should you be absent.

Students under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

In case of having a very young student, We may request a parent to begin learning the instrument as well in a basic level.

Teaching a musical instrument requires physical interactions and contacts between the instructor and the student. You hereby acknowledge that the teacher may have to touch your body or your child’s body ( fingers, hands, arms, shoulder, neck, jaw,…) as part of the class and you have no objection about such contacts.

Classes are booked and managed online only. You are required to log in to your account at  and self-manage your lessons ( Book a lesson, pay, reschedule or cancel).

You accept the tuition fees and agree to make payment upon booking any lesson.

There is no refund should you change your mind  to join Galamian Violin studio.


Despite our scrutiny in accepting students , Galamian violin Studio  does not guarantee that each student would be successful in learning the violin.

Galamian Violin Studio  reserve the right to cancel or reschedule a lesson without prior notice.

Our approach in teaching the violin might be  quite different than other schools or teachers, we assume that you have chosen Galamian Violin Studio  while being aware of such differences and hence we refuse any claims or refund should you find the Galamian Violin School a wrong place for yourself or your children.

By applying admission to join Galamian Violin Studio, you shall  confirm that you have read and accepted the above terms.

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